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Personal Injury Lawyer in Appleton, WI

We Get You the Compensation You Deserve

When you or a loved one have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another you deserve to be compensated. Paralysis, whiplash, scarring, and other injuries can have a dramatic impact on both your finances and overall well-being. Without an experienced personal injury attorney by your side you likely won’t even receive enough compensation to cover your medical bills, let alone your pain and suffering.

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Tusler Law is a personal injury firm willing to take your personal injury case to court and fight for just compensation. With a FREE consultation and no retainer fee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Whether you are in a car accident, attacked by a dog, or injured in a slip and fall, trust Appleton personal injury lawyer, Ronald W. Tusler to fight aggressively for every penny of the fair compensation you deserve.

Tusler law handles cases covering paralysis, whiplash, injuries from drunk driving accidents, or any of the below:

Car Accident Attorney

Algoma Car Accident Attorney

If you've been injured in a car accident you may be questioning whether or not you need a lawyer. The answer is YES. Whether you've suffered from whiplash and minor fractures, or paraplegia, insurance companies will take advantage of you and do everything they can to trick you into a low settlement. Attorney Tusler cares about his clients. No matter how extensive the injury you've sustained, we'll stand by you and fight to win every penny you deserve. Attorney Tusler is an experienced Appleton car accident lawyer and will help you recover damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, property damages, lost wages, and other financial burdens. Whether you've been in a rear-end accident, rollover, or head-on collision, trust Attorney Tusler to fight aggressively for the fair compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Algoma

When you've been in a motorcycle accident, even if you're wearing the proper protection, the injuries can be devastating; broken bones, paralysis, permanent scarring, head trauma - all adding up to serious financial and personal distress. Insurance companies will often try to wave off motorcycle claims as being an "inherent danger". What many people don't realize is motorcyclists have the same rights as those operating other vehicles. Attorney Tusler is familiar with Wisconsin driving laws and has the experience needed to effectively present your case. Don't just suffer through the financial burdens and personal hardship of an accident caused by the negligence of another. Hire the Appleton motorcycle accident lawyer familiar with the high stakes; hire Ronald W. Tusler.

Truck Crash Attorney in Appleton Wisconsin

Truck Accident Lawyer in Appleton

Tusler Law is THE Wisconsin trucking accident injury law firm to call when you need to prepare your case to WIN in court. With years of experience, Tusler Law uses knowledge of the types of truck accidents and personal injuries to ensure you're compensated fully for the injuries you've sustained since the wreck.

A trucking accident may crash into your life and take you by surprise, but with Tusler Law, you never walk into court unprepared. Tusler Law brings justice to Wisconsin roadways - call us today!

Slip and Fall Lawyer

Appleton Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

In our treacherous Wisconsin winters, even the most cautious individuals may slip and fall. Often times these falls are caused by landowners or business owners failing to maintain their property. However, many insurance companies will still try to push the fault on you, resulting in an insurance liability disaster. Tusler Law offers FREE consultations and is a no-win-no-fee firm. When you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to guide you through the insurance liability nightmare.

 Dog Bite Lawyer in Appleton

Appleton Attorney for Dog Bites and Attacks

If you or someone you know has recently been bitten and injured by a dog, feel free to set up a consultation with personal injury lawyer Ronald Tusler today! Dog bites can be excruciatingly painful, and many people are not entirely sure what to do after an attack. This can ultimately lead to costly medical bills, unnecessary mental distress, and other unforeseen consequences that require both your valuable time and money.

Thankfully, Ronald Tusler is here to lend you a helping hand! Mr. Tusler firmly believes that too many attorneys treat their clients as just another case in a stack of papers. This is why attorney Tusler strives to treat you as a person, and give you the proper attention you deserve.

Wrongful Death Attorney in Appleton Wisconsin

Wrongful Death Attorney in Appleton, WI

If you have a wrongful death complaint and think that you may be entitled to a settlement, Appleton attorney Ronald Tusler is here to lend you a helping hand. Mr. Tusler understands the turmoil and emotional pain that comes along with any wrongful death lawsuit. This is why he personally strives to treat your wrongful termination case with the individual attention that it deserves.

Our goal is to work one on one with each of our clients in order to provide the best possible civil representation. With this in mind, you have our personal guarantee that to us, you are more than just another case in a stack of files.

Drunk Driving Accident Injury Attorney Appleton Wisconsin

Drunk Driving Accident Injury Attorney in Algoma

Irresponsible use of alcohol leads to unnecessary serious injuries all over the state of Wisconsin every year. If you've been injured by a drunk driver, we'll help you get every last penny to pay for costly medical expenses.

You aren't at fault when someone unlawfully takes the wheel and puts everyone's life at risk. They must pay when their recklessness threatens your life and leaves you with a catastrophic injury. Get a free consultation to get what you deserve.

Pedestrian Accident Attorney Appleton Wisconsin

Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorney

Reckless drivers pose a threat to pedestrians in downtown and outlying areas near Appleton, Wisconsin. If you were struck by a car or truck doing nothing more than innocently passing by on the sidewalk or crossing a crosswalk, you may press charges and fight for compensation for your injuries.

Contact personal injury attorney Ron Tusler for a free consultation. We'll fill you in on your options and determine the best course of action to pursuing justice and making you whole again.

distracted driving Accident Attorney Appleton Wisconsin

Distracted Driving Attorney in Appleton

Distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. If you've been involved in an accident with someone who was looking at their phone, eating, or applying makeup, you can get compensation.

Contact Ron Tusler before accepting a settlement offer to make sure your medical bills and expenses are covered.

Attorney for hit-and-run accidents in Appleton.

Get Compensated for a Hit And Run 

Getting struck by a hit and run driver is one of the worst accidents you can be in. Don't let them get away with leaving you behind. Tusler Law can get fair compensation from them to ensure that your bills are covered and your injuries are compensated.

Rear End Car Accident Attorney

Appleton Rear End Accident Attorney

Rear end car accidents can be devastating, particularly in cases of motorcycles being rear ended. If you have been injured, lost a loved one, or had your car or other property damaged in a rear end accident, Ron Tusler can help. Ronald W. Tusler is an experienced Appleton personal injury lawyer who will vigorously defend your rights and make sure you get the compensation you deserve after being rear ended. Mr. Tusler has a No Win No Fee policy, so he won't get paid unless you do.

How Do You Know When You Should File a Personal Injury Claim?

Diving into an exhausting and stressful legal battle can be an intimidating prospect. You've been in a car or motorcycle accident and are wondering if it's a good idea to "lawyer up." 

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If you have been injured and it was not your fault, you should absolutely file a personal injury claim. If the details are in question and "fault" is in an uncomfortable gray area, filing a claim becomes more complicated.

Ronald Tusler offers a free consultation and no-win no fee representation to defend you in your personal injury case. We help you decide whether or not to file a personal injury claim, and ensure you're fit with the most qualified representation to make yourself whole again.

What Should You Do After Getting in a Car Accident?

When you're in a wreck, it's understandable to feel overwhelmed and a bit out of sorts. But learning the basics of what information you should collect and what you should or shouldn't say BEFORE an accident puts you in the best legal position should you pursue a personal injury claim.

Your best defense is your education. Getting in a car wreck with absolutely no knowledge of how legal disputes are prosecuted could put you in a terrible position. You need to know what you must say and do if you should wind up in a car crash.

After a car accident, you've got tons of questions. We've got answers.

When you've suffered an injury and seek compensation – you must act quickly!

Free Consultation Personal Injury Lawyer Appleton

The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle and Car Accidents Around the Fox Valley

Accidents all over Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh and the northeast part of Wisconsin are most commonly caused by the usual suspects: texting, road rage, talking on the phone or eating. Drowsiness is a stealthy and dangerous foe: driving behind the wheel on too little sleep is the source of MANY tragic car crashes.

No matter the cause of the accident, if you've been in an accident and the other driver is even partly at fault, you ought to fight for what you're owed.

Fatal Car Accident Attorney

The wrongful death of a loved one can come in many forms, but when we lose someone because of a car accident, justice must be sought out and delivered to the guilty party. Across Appleton, Wisconsin, fatal car accidents take too many lives and leave families asking what’s now?

Call us today so we can prepare your fatal car accident case for court. Whether you are the defendant or plaintiff, having the expert representation of an experienced lawyer will be the only way you can put an end to this time in your life. Tusler Law - we deliver on making cases WIN.

Contact a personal injury attorney in Appleton today to get the compensation YOU deserve!

Last Will and Testament

Hiring a knowledgeable lawyer to draft your will is essential to ensuring proper allocation of your assets when you’ve passed. Tusler Law provides comprehensive last will and testament services to help you prepare for the future.

Read more.

Wisconsin Real Estate Transaction and Litigation Attorney

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Ensure your investment is protected from the very beginning with Appleton's real estate transaction and litigation attorney, Ronald W. Tusler.

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