Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Injury FAQs

What do I do after suffering a personal injury?

First and most importantly, get proper medical attention. After you are attended to, contact a personal injury attorney and review your case. Tusler Law offers free consultations to begin your path to compensation.

When should I hire a lawyer after an accident in Wisconsin?

Immediately. Getting legal representation as soon as possible gives you the best chance of getting the full compensation you deserve. Do not risk waiting.

Do I really need a lawyer after a small accident?

Yes. Even if the injury seems small, it can have a long-lasting impact on your life. Protect yourself immediately and get a lawyer.

How much compensation will I get from my personal injury case?

There is no fixed amount people normally receive. Compensation is determined by multiple factors including the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and psychological trauma. Attorneys work to prove your damages and get you the fullest financial compensation you can receive.

How much do personal injury lawyers cost?

Personal injury lawyers usually receive a small percentage of recovered compensation for their legal services. Tusler Law has a strict no-win-no-fee policy. If you don’t get paid neither do we.

Should I give a statement to my insurance company?

Absolutely not. The insurance company does not use your information for determining the damages, they usually look at the police report. If your insurance company contacts you tell them to contact your attorney Ron Tusler for all statements.

Estate Planning FAQs

When should I write a will?

You may first legally write a will in Wisconsin when you are 18. Most people usually write their first will when they get married, buy a home, or purchase any major asset they wish to distribute themselves in case of death. It is a good idea to write a new will at least every 5 years as your list of assets changes and grows.

Can I prepare my own will?

Yes you can prepare your own will, however, it may not be the best idea. Getting your will written professionally ensures that all the minute legal procedures have been followed so your beneficiaries do not have problems inheriting the assets you allocate to them.

Can I handwrite my will in Wisconsin?

No. For a will to be legally binding in Wisconsin, it must be typed and signed by yourself and 2 witnesses.

Can I change or revoke my will?

In Wisconsin, it is possible to alter or revoke your will unless you signed a promise not to revoke your will. You can destroy any or all parts of your will or have a new will that revokes or changes the terms of your old will.

What happens if I die without a will?

In Wisconsin, if the deceased is survived by their spouse and any descendants related to the spouse, the whole of your estate goes to the spouse. If there is no spouse then the deceased’s descendants inherit the entire probate estate. If no spouse or descendants then any surviving parents receive the assets. If there are no surviving parents then the deceased’s siblings would receive the assets.

Real Estate FAQs

Do I need a lawyer for “For Sale by Owner” transactions

You are legally obligated to have a lawyer for FSBO real estate sales, however, it can be very beneficial to hire a lawyer to write up legal documents. A real estate lawyer will ensure all your bases are covered and there will be no legal issues during the sale.

When should I hire a real estate lawyer?

Whether you are a buyer or seller, real estate transactions can have complex legal pitfalls surrounding them. Especially for first-time buyers or sellers, hiring a lawyer makes sure you avoid problems that you won’t have to worry about in the future.

What do I do if I move into a new home and there is something faulty like plumbing or electricity?

First check to see if you have a warranty with your real estate agent to see if they cover the issue. If you did not use a real estate agency or they do not have a warranty policy, contact a lawyer to get help.

Why do I need a real estate lawyer?

Real estate is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. It’s important to have an experienced real estate attorney review all the fine print and ensure your investment is protected. Tusler Law offers a variety of real estate legal services including litigation, for sale by owner transactions, offers to purchase, deeds, and transfer of real property.

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