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Car Accident Lawyer – Little Chute

Atty. Tusler represented me in a Little Chute personal injury car accident case resolved in 2012. I found him to be very knowledgeable of the law and a quick read of the extensive details of my case with the ability to relate the specifics of the case to the attorney representing the defending insurance company during negotiations and hearing. Ron exhibited the ability to easily communicate with clients establishing a relationship of trust and confidence in his ability to represent me and my best interests. I recommend Attorney Tusler for personal injury lawsuits and other legal issues.

-Patricia V.


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Appleton Car Crash Attorney Has Clients' Best Interests in Mind

Appleton Car AccidentAfter a car crash, many victims are surprised to find the insurance company they’ve been paying premiums to suddenly turns against them. Without skilled legal representation, most people end up settling for far less money than they’re entitled to receive. Picking the best lawyer to represent your interests can be tricky. Some law firms promise a fast turnaround but are little more than settlement mills, churning out low-value offers leaving victims high and dry.

Appleton Atty. Ron Tusler always has his clients’ best interests in mind. If you stand to gain the most by taking your lawsuit all the way to a jury trial, Atty. Ron Tusler will prepare your case to be heard by a judge. If an out-of-court settlement is the best way for you to be made whole, Atty. Ron Tusler will make sure you receive the compensation you are owed. Best of all, the initial personal injury consultation is always free and you pay nothing until you have received restitution. You have absolutely nothing to lose and literally thousands of dollars to gain by hiring Appleton car accident lawyer Ron Tusler.

Appleton Personal Injury Attorney Represents the Entire Fox Valley

Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident in Little Chute, Appleton or Green Bay, know you can count on Atty. Ron Tusler to represent your best interests at court. Wisconsin regulations do not limit the counties an attorney can practice in and Appleton Atty. Ron Tusler serves the entire Fox Valley. Victims of automobile accidents in Calumet and the surviving family members of a fatal car crash in Oshkosh all turn to Atty. Tusler for aggressive, compassionate legal representation.

Contact Appleton car accident lawyer, Ron Tusler, to have your best interests represented in court.

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