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Car Accident Injury - Kaukauna

After I received a personal injury in Kaukauna that caused damage to an existing injury, I didn't believe I could get a large settlement. But, I called Ronald W. Tusler and asked for his help. I'm glad I did! After he helped me with my vehicle accident, I referred him to help my child. He is helping my daughter with her car accident, too!

-Kara K.

Learn more about the best car accident lawyer in Kaukauna, Ron Tusler. 

Aggravated Injury Claim: Appleton Car Accident Lawyer Defends Victims

Broken Arm Aggravated by Car AccidentMost insurance companies don't want you to know you can sue for an aggravated injury. Car accident victims with a pre-existing condition have the legal right to seek compensation for the aggravation of their prior injury. You cannot be compensated for the original injury itself, but the renewed pain, suffering and treatment cost imposed by the aggravation of the pre-existing condition are recoverable. Whether it be an ACL, knee, neck, spine or other injury, you are not responsible for causing the aggravation and should not be forced to pay for it.

Before you dismiss your chances of being justly compensated for your pain and suffering, contact a personal injury attorney. Appleton car accident lawyer Ron Tusler offers a free consultation for all injury victims. You have nothing to lose by letting him go over your claim and you could receive thousands of dollars in compensation for your aggravated injury.

Personal Injury Attorney Offers Free Consultation and You Pay Nothing Until You Win

Appleton car accident lawyer Ron Tusler provides attentive, personal representation to all clients. Money is often tight after a car crash, but you can rest assured you will not pay a penny until after Atty. Ron Tusler has secured the compensation you are owed. Your initial consultation is completely free, whether he decides to take your case or not. While Appleton Atty. Ron Tusler prepares your personal injury case, there are no fees for you to pay. He will pay the court’s filing fee and any other charges your case preparation incurs.

Only after a cash settlement or money judgment has been awarded will you need to pay anything. Since Atty. Ron Tusler is paid  a percentage of your recovery , you are guaranteed he fights for as high value a settlement as possible and you’ll never owe more than you win. Atty. Ron Tusler is a risk-free lawyer for car accident and other personal injury victims in Appleton, Oshkosh, Green Bay and the entire Fox Valley.

Contact Appleton personal injury Atty. Ron Tusler for representation after car accident aggravation of your pre-existing condition.

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