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Aggressive Personal Injury Lawyer Gets the Money Fox Cities Accident Victims Are Owed

Appleton Atty. Ron Tusler has years of experience successfully defending the rights of accident victims in the Fox Valley. From slip and falls caused by a home or business owner’s negligence to a terrible motorcycle accident resulting in a serious or even fatal injury, Atty. Ron Tusler helps victims with the attentive, aggressive legal representation they need.

There are many reasons to choose Atty. Ron Tusler when you’ve been injured through someone else’s negligence. The best way to know if he’s right for you is by taking advantage of the free consultation offered to all personal injury victims.

Read the testimonials below, each from one of the many individuals he has helped. Then, when you’re ready, contact Appleton Atty. Ron Tusler and schedule your free consultation, the first step to receiving the compensation you are owed.

For no-win-no-fee legal representation contact Ron Tusler today!

Well-Rounded Lawyer. VERY Nice to Work With Atty. Ron Tusler did an excellent job handling a car accident for me. It was a very stressful time, and he took care of a lot of loose ends so I didn't have to. He went above and beyond the call of duty. He made the best of the situation and I received fair compensation for my accident. - Anonymous Get more information about the top personal injury attornery in Oshkosh, Ron Tusler. Contact Tusler Law for a free consultation today!
Atty. Ron Tusler Made My Terrible Situation as Painless as Possible. I had a situation where a man hit my car in a parking lot. He did not have insurance, a license, and was very difficult to work with. I didn't even know where to start. I called Atty. Ron Tusler and he handled it beautifully. I was reimbursed for the damages and he conversed with the man as much as possible so I didn't have to. It was a VERY quick turnaround and his fees were reasonable. I would recommend Atty. Ron Tusler to ANYONE. - Liz Learn more about top Appleton attorney, Ron Tusler.
Great Attorney That's Willing to Help! Atty. Ron Tusler is very helpful and knowledgeable. He's willing to take as much time as needed to fight and win the case. I trust him to defend me and truly be on my side. He puts 100% into the case and routinely provides status updates. He's an excellent attorney. - Katie Speak with personal injury lawyer Ron Tusler for a free case consultation to get the compensation you deserve.
GREAT Lawyer to Work With! Attny Ron Tusler was such a great attorney to work with. He's very trustworthy and always had my best interests in mind. Thank you Ron for standing up for me! - Emmelyn Get a free consultation with the best lawyer in Sherwood, Ron Tusler.
Great Attorney, Very Helpful and Knowledgeable Atty. Ron Tusler has helped me many times in the past few years with a variety of legal issues, including business/contract questions, real estate issues and insurance defense. He is always available to answer my questions and always kept me in the loop by sending every letter he got or wrote on my behalf. He called me with status updates on my case and returns phone calls. He gives free first time consultations which were very helpful and answer a lot of questions. He has a pleasant, professional and knowledgeable attitude, but he is easily approachable. I certainly would use Atty. Ron Tusler again for any legal issues I have and I would defi...
Great Lawyer! Atty. Ron Tusler helped me with an employment contract my employer wanted me to sign. He pointed out all the risks to me and limitations on me if I were to leave. He explained everything in simple terms but with plenty of detail. I had such a nice experience I'm currently using Atty. Ron Tusler to update my will to protect my family. Great value for the price, as well! - Paul Get more information on the best attorney in Oshkosh, Ron Tusler. Contact Tusler Law for a free consulatation!
Best Attorney I've Worked With Atty. Ron Tusler is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and has always kept my best interests in mind. I've worked with other attorneys in the past with our business and have always felt they did not have any real expertise in the areas I needed legal counsel, rather they were more interested in maximizing their billable hours. Atty. Ron Tusler has proven to be hardworking, smart and is a true professional. - Gordon
My husband was having trouble with a few gentlemen who felt they had a right to hunt on my husband’s property because it was next to a creek that they believed was public property. They were stretching their rights because my husband owned all the property around the creek so they really could not gain access to this wetland without trespassing. It is a little more complicated than that because they were also renting property close to this duck hunting land. - Liz Learn more about the best attorney in Little Chute, Ron Tusler. Contact Tusler Law for a free consultation!
Thrilled with His Help on Complex Property Dispute I was fighting with a neighbor about deer hunting rights and trespassing issues. I didn't know what I could do to protect my land. Atty. Ron Tusler did. Within a short period of time, I was able to protect my land from my neighbor permanently. - William Learn more about the best property rights attorney near Appleton, Ron Tusler. Get a free consultation!
When I was injured in a motorcycle accident in Menasha, a friend referred me to Attorney Ron Tusler. I'm glad that I gave him a call. Ron answered all my questions and handled the many issues that came up. I now consider him a friend and would highly recommend him to anyone who has been in any accident that resulted in an injury. He will look out for you and make sure that you get the medical care and legal guidance you need. He will also get you the monetary settlement that you deserve! Ron Tusler will make sure that the insurance company doesn't take advantage of you. -Ken B. Learn how to get a free consultation with the best accident attorney in Menasha, Ron Tusler.  Picking ...
Atty. Tusler is an aggressive, tough attorney who works hard and does not let the big companies push him around. Atty. Tusler helped my son fix a difficult situation and get a settlement that we are very happy. I would recommend Atty. Tusler to anyone with a slip and fall, or other personal injury. Thank you Atty. Tusler! -Loretta Learn more about the best injury attorney in Kaukauna, Ron Tusler.  Premises Liability Attorney Willing to Fight for Your Rights Proving negligence in a slip and fall or premises liability injury can be difficult. Insurance companies and business or home owners will usually blame the injured party for the accident, absolving themselves of any responsibilit...
As a business owner from Appleton, it's tremendously important to have sound legal advice and representation. I've worked with other lawyers in the past, and they've always left me feeling like they cared more about my potential billable hours than my actual legal issue. Not so with Attorney Ron Tusler, he is knowledgeable, hardworking, and has always shown that he cares about my best interest. -Gordon B. Learn more about the best lawyer in Appleton, Ron Tusler. Contact Tusler Law today for a free consultation.
When we decided to create a limited liability company for our business activities in Appleton, we needed it done quickly. Ron made the process easy and efficient for us. He did all the work, including the record search, state filings and tax paperwork in addition to drafting all the necessary documents in a timely manner. And, his fee was very reasonable. We highly recommend Ron to any business owner.-Dale and Terrie P. Learn more about the best real estate attorney in Appleton, Ron Tusler. Contact Tusler Law for a free consultation. 
I am glad I called Atty. Ron Tusler. I was uncertain about my case, but he was able to lead me to settlement in a quick and seamless manner requiring little time out of my schedule. He maintained a genuine concern for my interest and provided reassuring communication along the way. I would call Atty. Ron Tusler without hesitation in the future. -Michael A. Schedule a free consultaion with Neenah's best personal injury lawyer, Ron Tusler.  Injury Victims Receive Personal Attention and Large Settlements The immediate aftermath of any injury is a frightening time. Besides the physical pain and suffering of broken bones, cuts and other medical problems, victims are forced to fight again...
Atty. Tusler represented me in a Little Chute personal injury car accident case resolved in 2012. I found him to be very knowledgeable of the law and a quick read of the extensive details of my case with the ability to relate the specifics of the case to the attorney representing the defending insurance company during negotiations and hearing. Ron exhibited the ability to easily communicate with clients establishing a relationship of trust and confidence in his ability to represent me and my best interests. I recommend Attorney Tusler for personal injury lawsuits and other legal issues. -Patricia V.   Get more information on the best personal injury attorney in Little Chute, Ron Tusl...
I'm so thankful I know Atty. Tusler and would highly recommend to anyone with business issues. He was able to help me get paid after a past client filed a lawsuit against my New London business. I have now worked with him in other areas of business and real estate law that he was able to help protect my family and my businesses. -Emmleyn R. Contact real estate lawyer Ron Tusler to schedule a free case consultation.
I was in a bad motorcycle accident in Appleton. The at-fault driver was texting while driving. She crashed into the back of my motorcycle. I had no protection from her vehicle. I was so angry at the other vehicle. I needed an ambulance, emergency room help and eventually surgery. Atty. Tusler gave me the advice that I needed. I received a large settlement because of Atty. Tusler's help. He did a great job. By the end of the case, we were friends. I would highly recommend Atty. Tusler to any biker in the Appleton area that was in a motorcycle accident. He will get you the money that you deserve. -Brad B. Learn how to schedule a free consultation with the best accident attorney in Appleton...
After I received a personal injury in Kaukauna that caused damage to an existing injury, I didn't believe I could get a large settlement. But, I called Ronald W. Tusler and asked for his help. I'm glad I did! After he helped me with my vehicle accident, I referred him to help my child. He is helping my daughter with her car accident, too! -Kara K. Learn more about the best car accident lawyer in Kaukauna, Ron Tusler.  Aggravated Injury Claim: Appleton Car Accident Lawyer Defends Victims Most insurance companies don't want you to know you can sue for an aggravated injury. Car accident victims with a pre-existing condition have the legal right to seek compensation for the aggravation ...
I could not recommend attorney Ron Tusler any more highly. He started with putting my mind at ease by taking the time to answer all of my questions about both the law and my medical bills. Attorney Tusler took my case and earned my trust with his hard work and strong communication. I have since referred several friends to him and everyone keeps coming back and telling me thanks for sending them to Ron! -Atty. Tom Grieve Schedule a free consultation with Appleton's best personal injury attorney, Ron Tusler.
My name is Liz M. from Neenah and I would like to recommend Attorney Ron Tusler. My car was in a motor vehicle accident where a man without insurance and without a driver's license hit and totaled my vehicle. I was glad I chose Atty. Tusler for the job. He handled the situation with ease in a quick and timely manner. He conversed with the person who hit my car so I didn't have to. The experience was less stressful because of my choice in attorney. Atty. Tusler was dependable, trustworthy, and fair. I was compensated for the damage to my vehicle in a timely manner. -Liz M. Learn more about the best attorney in Neenah, Ron Tusler.  Hit by a Driver with No Insurance? Get Legal Help Imme...

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