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Appleton Real Estate Attorney Helps Buyers Draft and Negotiate Home Purchase Offers

Offers to Purchase a Home Benefit Greatly from Legal Advice

Home with For Sale Sign in Front YardContracts are an integral part of home sales. An experienced real estate lawyer is able to draft and negotiate all types of contracts.

Before signing anything, especially when negotiating something as important as your future home, have Appleton real estate attorney Ron Tusler review the terms of the agreement.

Signing a Contract? Hire a Lawyer to Avoid Costly Mistakes

An attorney can review existing contracts or draft custom agreements for your unique or updated objectives. Ron Tusler, your Fox Valley area real estate lawyer, will draft your contract, ensuring the terms are to your advantage.

A real estate transaction is the most complex purchase agreement most people will make. There are mountains of paperwork and volumes of rules and laws to abide by. After you’ve found the perfect house, have attorney Ron Tusler draft a purchase offer in your name.

Ready to make an Offer? Have an Attorney on your Side.

Drafting a solid offer is like finding the perfect house. There are many things to take into consideration and the details are very important. As a buyer, you want to pay the lowest possible amount, have a way out in case something is discovered during the home inspection and maintain flexible terms for earnest money, mortgage commitments and closing dates. As a seller, you want to get as much as you can for the property with as few contingencies as possible and a short timeline.

There are many negotiable parts to a purchase order. Have attorney Ron Tusler help you be flexible with some items and firm with the aspects you really care about. Your purchase offer contract will outline the exact terms and negotiating points of your offer. Your attorney will help you draft, review and submit your purchase order.

Seek Counsel for Drafting and Negotiating a Contract

There are three possible outcomes once a purchase contract is presented to the seller, with the second scenario being most common:

  1. They can accept the terms as presented and agree.
  2. They present a counteroffer with modified terms.
  3. They reject the terms entirely and start over or walk away.

If the homeowner does counter your offer, having an attorney on your side makes it easy to responding in an advantageous way. Don’t make a mistake on the most important investment of your life. Have Appleton attorney Ron Tusler help you draft your offer to purchase.

Contact Appleton real estate attorney Ron Tusler for legal assistance drafting an offer to purchase a home.

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Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Ensure your investment is protected from the very beginning with Appleton's real estate transaction and litigation attorney, Ronald W. Tusler.

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