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Real Estate Attorney for Buyer Helps Home Shoppers around Appleton

Many people buying a home use a real estate agent to find and purchase a home. What many don’t realize is hiring an attorney instead can protect your interests better, saving time and painful real estate headaches.

With the help of Appleton home buyer’s attorney Ron Tusler, you can add any contingencies you need to your offer, make sure there are no legal glitches like liens and file your deed correctly.

You May Run Into Serious Real Estate Problems Without a Lawyer

Buying a home is, in many ways, similar to purchasing any other item. You and the seller agree on a price, payment is made and you take possession of the property. Unlike other transactions, though, there are many potential problems you can encounter. This is especially true if the real estate agent used a standard, pre-printed form.

No two home sales are alike and your situation may not be covered by a standard form.

You may find you submitted without a necessary contingency in it. Even if it is a simple oversight, you could be on the hook for a house you do not want or cannot afford. Similarly, there might be easements or local zoning laws that forbid your plans for the property (e.g. commercial or rental use).

Even if everything appears to be normal, you may find yourself in difficulties at closing. If an issue arises, you will be on your own to address the situation and could make a very costly mistake. Remember, the broker and lender cannot give you legal advice. Instead of risking it, have Ron Tusler guide you through the home buying process from offer to purchase through closing.

Contact Appleton attorney for home buyers, Ron Tusler, for legal assistance in your real estate transaction.

Last Will and Testament

Hiring a knowledgeable lawyer to draft your will is essential to ensuring proper allocation of your assets when you’ve passed. Tusler Law provides comprehensive last will and testament services to help you prepare for the future.

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Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Ensure your investment is protected from the very beginning with Appleton's real estate transaction and litigation attorney, Ronald W. Tusler.

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