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Is a Handwritten Will Legal in Wisconsin?

Handwritten Holographic Will Not Legal in State of Wisconsin

Your will must be typed and signed by yourself and two witnesses to be considered legal in the state of Wisconsin.

No. The state of Wisconsin does not recognize handwritten wills—also known as “holographic” wills. Your will must be typed and signed by yourself and two witnesses. Nuncupative oral wills are also invalid.

Does a last will and testament need to be notarized in Wisconsin?

No, your will does not have to be notarized, but getting it notarized can help expedite the probate process. Read on for more details on getting your last will and testament notarized.

Basic Requirements for the Last Will and Testament in Wisconsin

  1. The testator (the author of the will) must be 18 years old
  2. The testator must be of sound mind and understand what a will is
  3. The testator cannot be coerced in any way
  4. The testator must include at least one sentence giving property to a beneficiary

Attempting to write a will by yourself can open you up to vulnerabilities legally. Distributing your assets EXACTLY as you wish requires the critical eye of an experienced legal professional. You need to consult with a local last will and testament lawyer to craft a will perfectly allocating your assets.

Contact Ron Tusler in Appleton, Wisconsin for a low cost last will and testament preparation.

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Last Will and Testament

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