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Motorcycle Accident Attorney - Appleton

Appleton Motorcycle Crash Lawyer I was in a bad motorcycle accident in Appleton. The at-fault driver was texting while driving. She crashed into the back of my motorcycle. I had no protection from her vehicle. I was so angry at the other vehicle. I needed an ambulance, emergency room help and eventually surgery.

Atty. Tusler gave me the advice that I needed. I received a large settlement because of Atty. Tusler's help. He did a great job. By the end of the case, we were friends.

I would highly recommend Atty. Tusler to any biker in the Appleton area that was in a motorcycle accident. He will get you the money that you deserve.

-Brad B.

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Appleton Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Defends Those Injured by Texting Drivers

All motor vehicles must share the road. Car, van and truck drivers need to pay special attention to motorcycles during Wisconsin’s warm summers. Failure to check blind spots or maintain a proper look out can result in a disastrous motorcycle accident. Striking a motorcycle while negligently texting and driving only adds insult to injury. When you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is always best to remain calm and wait for trained medical personnel to arrive. Broken bones, severe skin lacerations and even lost limbs or paralysis are often the results of motorcycle accidents. Many victims of accidents find themselves facing large medical bills and may be tempted to accept the insurance company’s first settlement offer. Before speaking with any insurance company representative, it is best to hire a personal injury attorney to represent you. Appleton lawyer Ronald Tusler defends the rights of those injured by careless drivers against insurance companies looking to close the claim as quickly and cheaply as possible. Failing to hire a personal injury attorney allows insurance companies to take advantage of you by offering far less than you deserve. Atty. Tusler looks out for your best interests, preventing the insurance company from taking a bad situation and making it worse.

Motorcycle Accident Cases Are Best Handled by Personal Injury Attorneys

The best thing you can do after being injured in a motorcycle accident is find the right personal injury lawyer for your situation. Besides the enormous medical and motorcycle repair bills, there are many other factors to take into consideration. Your lost wages, pain, suffering and other compensatory damages are often overlooked and hard to estimate. Without a motorcycle injury attorney to represent you, the best you can hope for is enough to cover most of your bills. A personal injury law firm will help you establish exactly how much compensation you are owed. The aftermath of a crash leaves many victims short of cash and wondering what to do. Thankfully, Appleton-area personal injury attorney Ronald Tusler offers a free initial consultation, making it easier for you to decide if he is the right attorney for you. Best of all, Atty. Tusler will pursue your motorcycle injury claim at no cost to you until he gets you your money. Someone else’s carelessness put you in a horrible situation. Let Atty. Tusler handle your injury claim from start to finish and you won’t pay a penny until he has made the insurance company pay you the compensation you are owed.

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