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Thinking about end-of-life decisions is never pleasant, but it's essential to have a plan in place for the future, especially if you have young children. Without a sound will in place, the state will handle child guardianship, and the allocation of your assets and property. A properly prepared last will and testament will effectively allocate assets and property as well as bequests.

Attorney Tusler specializes in the preparation of a clear and concise last will and testament to accurately express your decisions. Unlike other local will lawyers, Attorney Tusler cares about you and your wishes. In our discussion, we'll cover every issue at length to ensure an unwavering legal document to guide your loved ones through your passing.

Last Will and Testament Cost

Tusler Law offers last will and testament preparation for:

Individual: $300

Married Couple: $500


Why You Need to Make a Will

Failing to make a will can result in a painful and complicated legal ordeal for your friends and family. Without directing assets yourself, your money or property would be subject to the intestate system and out of your control. For more information, view the video below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Will Preparation in Wisconsin

Appleton Will Lawyer

Using an online form or writing a will without a lawyer is a mistake. Contact us for low fee will preparation.

Can I write my own will in Wisconsin?

Yes, you can legally write your own will in the state of Wisconsin.

There are a handful of requirements:

  • You must sign it – and at least two people must witness the signature
  • Your witnesses must sign the will
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be able to comprehend what a will is
  • You must include at least one sentence that gives property to someone
  • You cannot be coerced into writing your will

Should I write my own will?

No. There are very few situations where it’s worth avoiding the minimal expense to have lawyer prepare your last will and testament. You can legally make your own will in the state of Wisconsin if you wish – but for security of mind you’re better off having a legal professional prepare the document.

Should I make a will using an online form or document template?

Following a template only extends your legal vulnerability. Do-it-yourself will kits and online generators don’t offer the critical eye of a seasoned will attorney.

Do I need to write a will in Wisconsin?

You aren’t legally obligated to prepare a will in the state of Wisconsin. However, writing a last will and testament means controlling the distribution of your assets upon your passing. Without preparing a last will and testament, your assets will be subject to the intestate system when you pass. The state will decide how your belongings are allocated.

Do I need to have my will notarized in Wisconsin?

Attorney Ron Tusler recommends that your will is notarized. Notarizing your will in Wisconsin is good practice and beneficial in the probate process.

Can a handwritten will be legal in Wisconsin?

No. Handwritten wills - also known as holographic wills - are not considered binding legal documents in the state of Wisconsin. 

Contact Appleton will attorney Ron Tusler to ensure the future of your loved ones is secure.

Last Will and Testament

Hiring a knowledgeable lawyer to draft your will is essential to ensuring proper allocation of your assets when you’ve passed. Tusler Law provides comprehensive last will and testament services to help you prepare for the future.

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