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Pro-Se Divorce Starting Cost:
$ 1000 / Without Children
$1200 / With Children
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Pro Se Divorce Represented by Cutting Marriage Certificate in HalfPro-Se is a Latin term that means "for self" or "in one's own behalf." Because Wisconsin is a No-fault divorce state, people can legally represent themselves in their own divorce because it is no longer necessary to prove that one party in the marriage did something to destroy the marriage.

The only ground for divorce in Wisconsin is that the marriage is "irretrievably broken."

Anyone who meets the residency requirements of Wisconsin is eligible and only one of the parties needs to meet those requirements. To be eligible, one of the divorcing parties must have resided in the state of Wisconsin for six months and lived in the same Wisconsin county for 30 (thirty) days.

Wisconsin Winning Pro-Se Divorce Legal Team

When both parties agree to get divorced, we provide expert guidance regarding the divorce process and provide the necessary paperwork for couples interested in obtaining a divorce or separation. We provide couples with the option of going through the process in an amicable and fair manner by offering personal, caring, and confidential support through the entire divorce or separation process as an inexpensive alternative.

We help you understand what is required to file a divorce.

We prepare a template for you to follow to guide you through the decisions you need to make to ensure your documents are complete. We offer you the instructions in a two-phased approach to reassure you and ensure accuracy of your divorce documentation.

You and your spouse maintain control of the entire process outside of the Court proceedings. It is your responsibility to fill out the financial disclosure form, obtain the required information, and make the decisions.

Each divorce or legal separation action can be different, so couples must work together throughout the entire process. You are responsible for any fees beyond the preparation of the divorce documents such as the Court filing.  

Our winning team offers exceptional service for self represented parties. As Wisconsin Premier “pro-se” team, our staff has reviewed over 600 divorces for residents of: Outagamie, Winnebago, Brown, Waupaca, Calumet, Marinette, Waushara, Milwaukee, Washington, Green Lake, and Shawano Counties.

We deliver the experience and compassion to help you and your spouse start a new life.

Our team understands the nuances that are associated with situations of this nature and possess the sophisticated and sensitive perspective that is needed to help clients through the process as successfully as possible.

How We Define Success

  • Low cost, REASONABLE flat fee approach
  • Guidance through all paperwork
  • Service to residents in ALL counties in the State of Wisconsin
  • Confidential, caring and professional service
  • Help for spouses who wish to represent themselves, which can be much faster and cheaper than a contested divorce
  • The option to pay through a major credit card.

Other Services we offer:

  • Mediation
  • Same-sex divorce
  • Real estate property transfer
  • Contested divorce
When you contact our office to arrange a pro se divorce help appointment, you will have already made the tough decision to end your marriage.

We will guide you compassionately in your decision. Please call Tusler Law Offices 920-749-2000.


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Note: The “pro-se” / self –represented divorce process may not be suitable for a divorce where domestic violence is involved. Domestic abuse can include physical, mental, emotional and verbal abuse.

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