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Appleton Fatal Car Accidents

Car Accident Lawyer Reveals Appleton's Deadly Crashes

Appleton Fatal Car Accident Scene Flowers on Light PoleAccording to data provided by the Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory, Appleton witnesses an average of 1.6 fatal car crashes every year. The TOPS data shows most of these accidents only claim the life of one individual, although multiple-fatality accidents are not unknown. Examining the data, Atty. Ron Tusler has uncovered some interesting information.

Of the 31 cars and trucks involved in fatal crashes, 10 of them contained occupants who were not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. The 32.3% correlation between seat belts and fatal accidents is high, but pales in comparison to the number of fatalities in alcohol induced accidents. Just under half, 44.1%, of Appleton’s fatal car accidents involved alcohol. Surprisingly, while Appleton residents seemingly ignore warnings about drunk driving, they appear to be driving safely in the winter. Only one fatal accident listed snow or ice as a contributing factor to the crash.

Appleton car accident lawyer Ron Tusler reminds everybody driving in or around the city to wear their seat belts, drive sober and stay safe in the winter.

Appleton Fatal Car Accident Locations

Map Showing Fatal Car Accidents in Appleton, WI

Appleton’s deadly vehicle crashes are evenly distributed on city streets and on the highway. Just under a third occurred in areas where the speed limit was 25mph, a grim reminder of how dangerous even low speed crashes can be. The most dangerous single location in Appleton is definitely the 41 / 441 interchange, the scene of one out of every five fatal car accidents. Motorists must exercise caution when navigating the on and off ramps. Within the city limits, the crashes are mostly concentrated north of the Fox River and southeast of I-41. When you lose a loved one in a fatal car accident, be sure to contact Atty. Ron Tusler for a free consultation about filing a wrongful death claim.

Contact Appleton wrongful death Attorney Ron Tusler to schedule a free consultation if you have lost a loved one to a fatal accident.

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